Central Cee – 23 (Album Review)

West London artist Central Cee. The project follows his commercial and critically acclaimed debut mixtape Wild West, released in March 2021.

In June 2021, he appeared on Los Angeles sneakers supplier Cool Kicks‘ YouTube channel. When asked about upcoming projects, Cench answered:

Yeah, I got a new tape coming, 23. I just turned 23. My last tape come out in March already, my first mixtape Wild West, you can check that in the meantime.

Cench started to work on the mixtape in mid-August, after sharing images on social media of him spending days and nights in the studio, even sleeping there with an air mattress.

He ended his 5-month hiatus with the release of single “Little Bit of This” in July 2021, later following it up with his highly anticipated TikTok viral single “Obsessed With You” in September 2021, which went on to peak at Number 4 on the UK Singles Charts. At the end of the latter music video, a teaser of the mixtape was dropped with the message:


Cench officially announced the tape on November 25th with a freestyle, and revealed is set to be 15 tracks long and drop in February 2022. He also promoted his new collaboration with West London fashion brand Trapstar and hinted the drop of the tape’s second single “Retail Therapy” to release soon.

23 Album Art (Review)

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